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Witnica - Witnica Brewery

Witnica boasts the only brewery operating in the Lubuszki province. Since its establishment in 1848 the brewery has been producing beer according to a traditional recipe. All who want to sample the atmosphere of our brewery and learn the secrets of brewing are invited to visit the Witnica Brewery.

The sightseeing program includes a presentation of the production line and beer tasting.

Witnica - Park of Signposts and Milestones of Civilization in Witnica

Witnica hosts an original open-air museum. The Park of Signposts and Milestones of Civilization collects equipment and facilities that trace the development of human civilization from the invention of the wheel, through the steam engine, up to the radio and TV antenna. About 60 objects have been exhibited on 7 hectares of land and the collection is still growing. Bizarre metal sculptures of devils surprise visitors; as does an authentic street sign with an image of a Turk and a gigantic bicycle.

Witnica - Museum of Polish Military Glory

The Private Museum of Polish Military Glory (35, Sikorskiego Street; tel. 095 751 53 14) was founded by Colonel Czeslaw Chmielewski, a retired officer of the 17th Infantry Regiment of the Second Polish People's Army.

Over the years Czeslaw Chmielewski has been collecting and looking after weapons and military clothing. The Museum consists of several separate collections successively showing the development phases of Polish armed forces in historical order.

Witnica – The Yellow Mansion; Regional Chamber of Tradition

The Regional Chamber of Tradition (Yellow Mansion, 6, Sikorskiego Street, tel. 095 721 64 76) was established thanks to the efforts of the Society of Friends of Witnica, and mainly thanks to Zbigniew Czarnuch, a regionalist of Witnica. The museum displays exhibits showing the history of the local pre- and post-war community. The collection includes Lusatian cremation urns found in archaeological pits during the construction of the bypass, through the pre-war exhibits related to the industrial past and former residents, up to more contemporary objects.

Nowiny Wielkie - Dinosaur Park (approx. 9km away)

The village of Nowiny Wielkie hosts the Dinosaur Park founded by an enthusiast, Krzysztof Kuchnio. The Dinosaur Park is a perfect place for a family outing or a school trip. The dinosaurs in the park very accurately resemble prehistoric reptiles. They were created in cooperation with leading Polish paleobiologists based on the scientific literature and many years of experience in this field. In the direct proximity of the Park there is Museum of Minerals, where you can see and touch a piece of fossilized history of life on Earth. The Museum also exhibits numerous specimens of beautiful minerals from Poland and all around the world. There are approximately 500 exhibits all together in the museum. A building at the Park houses a multimedia classroom (max 50 seats) where educational and art classes with school children are held and educational movies are shown. The room can be booked for training sessions, lectures, classes, etc. The Park also features activities for children, including a huge sandpit sheltered from the sun with branches of old oak trees, as well as a well-equipped playground.

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Świerkocin - ZOO-Safari (approx. 10 km away)

Świerkocin in the Municipality of Witnica hosts the first Safari Park in Poland -i.e.: a zoological garden which is driven through where wild animals can be observed at close range. Safari-type enclosures constitute a revolutionary and unique way to experience the wild animals kept in confinement. Visitors are not separated from the animals either by bars, glass, or even a moat. Zoo Safari occupies over 20 hectares of land and houses about 600 animals of 48 exotic species. Outdoor areas are divided into zones of Asia, South America, Africa and Mongolia. The zones can be toured by car.
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Kostrzyn nad Odrą (approx. 23 km away)

Kostrzyn nad Odrą is a border town about 80 km from Berlin. The ruins of a 16th-20th-century fortress, a Renaissance castle and a Baroque church are all worth seeing. Also worth a visit is the Fort Sarbinowski and the

site of Stalag III C in Drzewice.

Chyrzyno - Ujście Warty National Park (approx. 23 km away)

The youngest of the 23 National Parks in Poland. It is a reserve of waterfowl and marsh birds unique in Europe.

Górzyca - approx. 33 km away

The former seat of the Bishop of Lubusz; a parish church from the tenth century, Pamięcin - an archaeological reserve; the Museum of Meadows in Owczary

Chwarszczany approx. 23 km away

A thirteenth century Church and Chapel of the Templars with wall polychromes of the fourteenth century depicting the 12 apostles and saints

Sarbinowo approximately 20 km away

Ruins of an obelisk commemorating the Prussian-Russian battle on August 25, 1758r. One of the bloodiest battles of the eighteenth century, with the participation of Frederick II the Great.

Bogdaniec approx. 15 km away

An eighteenth century half-timbered Church, two forest nature reserves with multiple species of oak and a Museum of Technology and Rural Construction • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes